Spanish holiday menu

Spanish holiday menu
created by Klaus Reichenberger & Marco Altmann

Albondigas / Tintenfisch frittiert, Sc. Aioli / Pamp e Oli
Serano Schinken – Bulgar Salat / Andalusischer Roastbeef Möhrensalat


Gazpacho Andaluz
Marinierter Schafskäse / Knoblauch Croutons / gegrillter Staudensellerie

Reis / Safran / Geflügel / Meeresfrüchte / Gemüse


Iberico Duroc Schweinerücken / Pfifferlinge mit Chorizo
Rioja Sauce / Tortilla mit Gemüse

Churros mit Schokoladensauce / Mandel Eis / Marzipan
Kanarische Bananencreme / Melone
(Alternative zum Dessert: Rohmilchkäse von Käse Waltmann)

Christmas in Spain is celebrated, above all else, at the table. Families pack into overflowing dining rooms for holiday meals that last longer than most American football games. Spanish Christmas recipes that have been passed down through the generations are the main event. The holiday season starts with a huge dinner on Christmas Eve and doesn’t let up until the final slice of Roscón de Reyes cake is finished on Three Kings Day on January 6.

There are five giant meals in all before the season is over: Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day lunch, New Year’s Eve dinner, New Year’s Day lunch, and Three Kings Day lunch. Each goes a bit like this:

  • Appetizer: Giant buffet of tapas
  • First course: Soup
  • Second course: Roasted meat or fish
  • Dessert: Three-part banquet of Christmas sweets

While the menu varies widely from family to family and region to region, here are a few Spanish Christmas recipes to give you a taste of the holidays in Spain.


Smooth Tetilla cheese from the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia is the star of these lightly fried cheese puffs. With a hint of smoky paprika and a sweet drizzle of local honey, they tend to disappear quickly!

You won’t find cheese puffs very often in Spain, but at Christmas no holds are barred. This is a time when people break out new recipes and creative creations to add some flare to the traditional dishes.